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About Our Program

Why Choose the company Accent Reduction Inc?

I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in corporate speech training.  My program is specifically designed for people whose primary difficulty is the pronunciation, stress, or intonation of English sounds.  The class consists of  an evaluation and then12 face to face weekly sessions, with each class about 1 1/2 hours in length.


Each course is customized and individualized based upon the client’s error patterns and speech difficulties.  This includes, pronunciation errors (consonants and vowels) as well as intonation, rhythm and stress irregularities.  Most clients prefer individual classes.  However, small group classes of up to 3 members, can be offered.  Class times are flexible. Daytime and evening classes are available and are typically held at my office in Southfield, Michigan.

My program offers customized (based upon the results of the evaluation) training materials that are online and accessible 24/7.  There will be audio recordings to listen to, practice, record yourself and then upload to me for instructor feedback.  There are home assignments which include practice of about 30 minutes daily. A 50% to 70% reduction in one’s foreign accent is typical after the completion of the course, assuming that the client is motivated to put the time into the practice outside of the sessions.  Exceptionally high success has been demonstrated when the client commits to daily practice. It doesn't have to be all at once and it's possible to break this up into smaller time slots but the bottom line is that improvement depends on repeated practice which will lead to muscle memory training.


The accent reduction methodologies that I employ are research-based and developed by speech pathologists for speech pathologists because of our educational training and background knowledge. The methods and materials used are current, have an online component and have had positive outcomes for over 20 years.


The fee for the initial consultation/evaluation is $150. Should you decide to register for the course within 6 months, this fee will be applied toward the tuition.

Who will Benefit from

Accent Reduction Services?


Because accent reduction clientele come from a wide array of credentials and backgrounds, including business, academia, health care and those who simply want to improve their intelligibility, benefit is had by anyone who would like to:


  • improve communication proficiency

  • increase job effectiveness and performance

  • communicate more effectively over the phone and in voicemail

  • make presentations with assurance and certainty

  • learn to correctly pronounce terminology that is commonly used in their profession

  • speak English in professional and personal interactions with increased confidence

  • decrease frustration and embarrassment from being asked to repeat when speaking with others

  • improve interviewing skills

  • increase their value to their employer

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