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Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Referrals to local

Speech-Language Pathologists.


Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Referrals to national

Speech-Language Pathologists.

Find a corporate speech trainer nationwide.

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APPS FOR iOS Dictionary & Thesaurus

A very handy app (the Lite version is free) for looking up pronunciations and definitions when on the go. Many additional features such as: word of the day, voice search, learner’s dictionary, favorite words and search history. *There are many other dictionary apps to choose from as well.  A dictionary app should be installed on your device for handy reference.


(How to) Pronounce PRO

Check pronunciation, transcribe words or phrases and take notes on the fly.  Use this app to check how to pronounce words and phrases.  You can also record yourself for self-assessment.


A nice feature of these websites is that you can look up the definition, look up synonyms and also tap on the speaker to hear the correct pronunciation.


The Phrase Finder                       

This is a great link to look up the underlying meaning of a wide variety of phrases, sayings, proverbs, expressions and idioms as well as their origins.

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